Pilar Orero

Supervisor - The UMAQ Project

Pilar Orero (PhD, UMIST) is the INDRA-ADDECCO Chair in Accessible Technology and full professor of Audiovisual Translation at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain), where she leads the TransMedia Catalonia Research Group. She acts as Gian Maria Greco's Supervisor in the MSCA H2020 project "Understanding Media Accessibility Quality" (UMAQ).

She is a world-leading scholar in media accessibility with vast experience in standardisation and policy-making, She is a scientific/organizing committee member of many conferences, including Media4All, ARSAD, and Video Games for All. She has delivered, upon invitation, more than 15 plenary lectures and 30 guest lectures all over the world, including at the 9th United Nations Conference of the States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (New York, 2016).

She either coordinated or participated in more than 40 national and international research projects, of which more than 20 were on media accessibility. As PI she has been awarded grants worth more than € 6.000.000, such as HBB4ALL and ACT.

She has published over 70 papers and 10 books. Her works are some of the most widely-cited publications in the field of media accessibility, of which she is one of the founding scholars.Among her pubòlications: A. Matamala and P. Orero (eds), Researching Audio Description (Palgrave Macmillan 2016); A. Maszerowska, A. Matamala and P. Orero (eds), Audio Description. New perspectives illustrated (John Benjamins 2014); C. Mangiron, P.  Orero and M. O'Hagan (eds), Videogame Localisation and Accessibility: Fun for All (Peter Lang 2014); A. Remael, P. Orero and M. Carroll (eds), Media for All: Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility at the Crossroads (Rodopi 2012); E. Franco, A. Matamala and P. Orero, Voice-over Translation: An overview (Peter Lang 2010); A. Matamala and P. Orero (eds), Listening to Subtitles. Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Peter Lang 2009); J. Díaz Cintas, P. Orero and A. Remael (eds), Media for all. Subtitling for the Deaf, Audio description and Sign Language (Rodopi 2007), P. Orero (ed.), Topics in Audiovisual Translation (John Benjamins 2004).

She is a member of the Steering Board of NEM. Over the last ten years she has been a prominent figure in the design of international standards on media accessibility. She collaborates with ISO, where she co-authored the international standard on user interfaces (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 35) , and she is a member of the ITU Focus Group on Media Accessibility, where she co-authored two standards.

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