1st International Congress on Translation, Intrerpreting and Cognition. 1-2 September 2017. Mendoza, Argentina.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Translation and interpreting are complex phenomena whose study calls for interdisciplinary perspectives. Over the last decades, cognitive approaches have managed to combine varied viewpoints and renew our conception of practice and teaching in both disciplines. This Congress aims to disseminate the latest developments in the field by integrating contributions from multiple fields.

Conference website: https://infocongreso2017.wordpress.com/

Communications must refer to any of the following thematic areas. First, the cognitive processes area focuses on behavioral and neuroscientific studies on relevant linguistic and extralinguistic processes. Second, the didactics area addresses the educational implications of cognitive approaches in the field. Third, the technology area comprises contributions on different devices, methods, and software developed to assist practitioners and researchers. Fourth, the sociology area deals with the social function of translators and interpreters, the ethical aspects of their work, and the scientific study of relevant phenomena.Finally, the sign languages areafocuses onthe specific problems of bimodal interpreting.Continuous developments in such areas have broadened our view of these particular forms of linguistic processing. We are part of a dynamic field expanding towards new paradigms and new horizons. It is our honor to foster the spread of these research lines in Latin America and contribute to their growth worldwide.


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