Master in juridical translation and interpretation

The purpose of the master in juridical translation and interpretation is giving the students the possibility of combine two aspects that are much related in the judicial ambit: writing translation and oral interpretation. With the purpose of giving them a solid training that allows them to expand their knowledge and skills, and therefore face the demands of an exigent market. The master is not only the combination of the teaching of two very related courses, but also complements that docency with the elaboration of the master's final work in which the students will have the opportunity of seen by themselves in a field work how a professional juridical translation and a professional juridical interpretation are done.

To finish the master in juridical translation and interpretation, the students have to pass the 60 credits related to the following programs:

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   - Postgrad in juridical translation (36 credits)

   Course of formation in juridical interpretation (18 credits)

   Master's final work (6 credits)

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