Welcome to “IW-MAG’18”, an International Workshop that will focus on the most recent advances on magneto-electric actuation, magneto-ionics and related phenomena in high-surface area materials (ultra-thin films, nanoparticles and nanoporous materials). The Workshop will be held in Hotel AC Gavà Mar (Gavà, Barcelona, Spain) from May 28th to May 30th 2018.

Interface magnetism is at the heart of most magnetic recording and hard disk applications. During the last decade, interface magnetic phenomena like exchange bias, exchange springs or giant magneto-resistance have revolutionized information and communication technologies. More recently, voltage-driven magnetic actuation, which also relies on surface/interface magnetic effects, has become a suitable strategy to boost energy-efficiency in spintronics. Remarkably, despite the importance of surface magnetic phenomena, research works dealing with high-surface area (e.g., nanoporous) magnetic materials are not extensive. 

The program is designed to cover a broad range of magneto-electric materials and phenomena with emphasis on the accompanying interface effects. The meeting will bring together scholars from different scientific disciplines (including physics, chemistry, materials science, engineering, etc.) representing all aspects of magneto-electric materials, from fundamentals to applications.