Una recerca destinada a crear coneixement perquè els joves prenguin el control a l’hora d’accedir al mercat de laboral

Traditionally, career development has been based in an individual approach and in a model of adaptability to the labor market. This research presents an innovative approach to career development by envisaging its possible impact both from an individual and structural approach.Catalan youth are living in a situation of economic crisis and high level of unemployment that are causing disorientation and despair among them. In order to contribute and participate in the development of a new production model based in knowledge and innovation, Catalan youth between 16 and 25 years old need competences for employability, and competences to reduce the structural barriers that reduce their possibilities to access the labor market.

The aim of this research is to create new knowledge so, in a time of uncertainty as the present one, youth know what they can change – both from an individual and a structural perspective – and how to change it in order to access and transform the labor market. The research started in January 2013 and will end in December 2014.

Contact: p.impacte.orientacio@uab.cat




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