What is "QUARKpoetry"?

QUARKpoetryis a non-profit group affiliated to theTranslation Departmentof theAutonomous University of Barcelonaand the cultural organization 'Cultura en Viu'. These two groups shape the poetry corner of the University. One of the main purporses of QUARK poetry is the promotion of lesser-known poets and writers in less translated languages, as well as the exchange of ideas and poetical works. We think this is the best way to promote Catalan poetical writing and to establish an exchange with poets from other parts of the world, making dialogue possible through the dissemination and translation of their works.

QUARKpoetry is a twin body of theAula de Poesia de Barcelona.

Why "QUARK"?

QUARKis the name given to the six elemental particles of matter.QUARKis a computer program.QUARKis a fresh and oily cheese.QUARKmeans a trifle in Goethe’s language.QUARKis chaos and order; a step to the so-called Third Culture, where Science and Poetry must join.

The origin ofQUARKas an eleme al particle of matter has a literary precedence, as it comes fromFinnegan’s Wakeby James Joyce, in which a drunk man pronounces the term "quart".

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