Research Project

"The Role of Social Transnational Fields in the Emergence, Maintenance and Decay of Ethnic and Demographic Enclaves​" (ORBITS)


Currently, more than 20 million European citizens live in a country other than their country of origin. Among them, the Romanian diaspora is one of the most important, being Spain one of the major countries of destination. However, this diaspora has not been spread evenly throughout Spanish geography, but has sometimes been concentrated in specific areas, forming "demographic enclaves" or concentrations of people of the same origin in a specific place.

The emergence and evolution of these enclaves is not only understood from their internal dynamics, but we believe that it is essential to link them to the transnational networks of social relationships with relatives and acquaintances of persons, to the role of institutions in the two countries, such as consulates or churches, and to companies that are created in these enclaves. This is what we call a "transnational social field".

In this research, we apply a transnational perspective to study how European citizens seek better opportunities through intra-European mobility. With the example of this collective of Romanian origin, we intend to make their reality and their culture better known.

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