MMOBE is especially appropriate for students who are not only seeking solid training in business economics, but also considering the possibility of continuing their studies by doing a PhD thesis. MMOBE is considered as the previous academic training courses before starting the PhD in Economics Management and Organization (DEMO). The MMOBE Academic Committee firmly believe that this PhD is a useful and valuable asset for a professional career. The structure of our program not only adds academic value, but trains candidates to perform at high levels of demand and rigour that make them especially apt to undertake managerial functions.

After completing the MMOBE students with high academic results can apply for continuing with the DEMO PhD and do a PhD thesis under the supervision of a tutor.

The MMOBE has been recognised as an ‘official research’ master by the Spanish Ministry of Education. This means that the credits obtained in MMOBE will be added to those of the academic report. This is an administratively important point because it is not possible to get admission at the PhD without holding 300 ECTS credits during undergraduate and graduate studies as a whole. The conviction that the PhD is valuable for the field of business management has led us to encourage the best MMOBE students to continue with the PhD.

This is something that distinguishes us from other universities that treat the PhD as something purely academic. It should come as no surprise that there is such a high business failure rate associated to a lack of analysis and rigour in terms of decision-making.

MMOBE (one year courses) + PhD (three courses)


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