Current research projects:

A network science approach to social cohesion in European societies (PATCHWORK). ERC Advanced Grant 2020. Principal Investigator: Miranda Lubbers. 2021-2026.

Inclusivity Norms to Counter Polarization in European Societies (INCLUSIVITY). Volkswagen Stiftung, the "Challenges for Europe" Call 2020. PIs: Maarten van Zalk (Osnabrück University), Eva Jaspers (Utrecht University), Oliver Christ (Hagen University), Miranda Lubbers (UAB), Marcin Bukwoski (University of Krakow). 2021-2026.

A network approach to social cohesion (BRIDGES). La Caixa Social Research Foundation (SR0587). Principal Investigator: Miranda Lubbers. 2020-2022.

Community dimensions, personal networks, and social exclusion. Spanish Ministry of Science, Education, and Universities (PID2019-111251RB-I00). Principal Investigators: Hugo Valenzuela & Miranda Lubbers. 2020-2024.


Recently concluded projects:

An Approximation to Social Cohesion in European Societies through Network Science (Spanish Ministry of Education, Europa Investigación 2019; EIN2019-102971). Principal Investigator: Miranda J. Lubbers. 2019-2021.

The Role of Social Transnational Fields in the Emergence, Maintenance and Decay of Ethnic and Demographic Enclaves (Spanish Ministry of Education, National R&D Excellence program, CSO2015-68687-P). Principal Investigators: Miranda Lubbers and José Luis Molina. 2016-2020.

Dynamics of Ego-networks and Life Events (Institut d’Études Avancées IMéRA, Marseille, France: Team Residence and Collaborative Project). Principal investigator: Dr. C. Bidart. 2019-2020. 

Strategies of Survival in Poor Households: The Role of Formal and Informal Support Networks in Times of Economic Crisis (Recercaixa, 2015ACUP 00145). Principal Investigators: Miranda Lubbers and Hugo Valenzuela. 2016-2020.

"I live between four walls": Relational Vulnerability and Dignity in the Context of the Unipersonal Help Services of the Spanish Charitable Institutions (Fundación FOESSA, 2019). Principal Investigators: Hugo Valenzuela García, Miranda Lubbers, José Luis Molina. 2019-2020.

The Economic Crisis and Social Cohesion in Spain (Special National Barometer, Center for Sociological Research in Madrid). Principal Investigator: Miranda Lubbers. 2014-2018.

The Orthodox Church and the Community Dynamics of Romanian Residents in Catalonia: A Network Analysis (Generalitat de Catalunya; Research in Religious Diversity, 2015RELIG00001). Principal Investigator: Ángel Belzunegui Eraso. 2018.

Social Entrepreneurship: Local Embeddedness, Social Networking Sites and Theory Development (Spanish Ministry of Education, National R&D program, CSO2012-32635). Principal Investigator: José Luis Molina. 2012-2015.

Network Dynamics: Substantive Applications To Migration And Mobility In Europe (Spanish Ministry of Education, RYC-2010-06081). Principal Investigator: Miranda Lubbers, 2010-2015.

Immigration and Mixed Unions: Ethnicity and Social Integration (Spanish Ministry of Education, National R&D program, CSO2011-23242). Principal Investigator: Dan Rodríguez García. 2012-2015.

Social Influence in Dynamic Networks (European Science Foundation, 10_ECRP-44). Principal Investigator of the overall consortium: Anuska Ferligoj; PI of the Spanish team: Miranda Lubbers. 2012-2014.

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