Official Registration Procedure

1. Successful applicants will receive an e-mail containing an official letter of admission together with additional information on how to proceed.

2. Successful applicants that decide to accept the admission offer will have to fill in and return an acceptance form to the master's admissions committee by the date indicated in the  letter of admission.

3. A welcome and orientation session is scheduled for Friday, September 10th, 2021  at 11:00. Further details will be provided in the letter of admission

3. The registration process will be conducted on-site at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies and must be tutored and authorized by the MEBA committee on an individual basis. Such tutorial will take place after the welcome and orientation session.

4. Check this link for the documentation and procedures needed for the official registration

5. The registration payment will be charged to your bank account. To this end you will need to open a bank account in a Spanish bank. The payment can be done in a single payment (the registration fee will be charged to your bank account from the day your registration is accepted) or in three installments. Payment in three installments is available only if you register in September 2021.

Registration Dates

September 2021. The registration will take place by individual appointments that will be set during the welcome and orientation session

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