Contents of the Modules 

Module 1. Fundamentals of Economics and Business I

  • Microeconomics: Agents, markets, and information
  • Public Economics: Welfare Economics, market failures, political economy.
  • Strategic Management and II:  Strategic analysis (external, internal), strategic formulation (corporate and competitive strategies), strategic implementation.

Module 2. Fundamentals of Economics and Business II 

  • Macroeconomics: Growth, savings, employment
  • Public Finance: Indirect taxation, direct taxation, tax evasion, taxation and growth, public debt and social security.
  • Statistics for Data Analysis: Key concepts for univariate and multivariate data analysis. Estimation Methods. Statistical Inference
  • Econometrics: Linear and non-linear models, panel data, structural models, time series.

Module 3. Finance I

  • Financial Economics and Asset Pricing: Financial markets, decision making under uncertainty, contingent assets, market efficiency, term structure of interest rates, derivatives. Mean-variance analysis, CAPM, ICAPM, APT, share valuation models

Module 4. Finance II

  • Corporate Financial Policy, Investments & Financial Institutions: Corporate financial structure, dividend policy, mergers and acquisitions. Capital budgeting decision making, real options, international financial management, banking and financial institutions.

Module 5. Public Policies I

  • Evaluation Methodologies: Randomized evaluations, difference-in-differences, regression discontinuity designs and natural experiments.
  • Innovation Policies: Determinants and consequences of innovation. Evaluation of innovation policy.
  • Infrastructure Policies: Optimal level of infrastructure provision, role of public and private sector in their provision and operation, policy implications

Module 6. Public Policies II 

  • Environmental Policies: Economic analysis of environmental issues, economics of sustainability, environmental policy tools.
  • Health Economics and Health Policies: Supply and demand of health care, information asymmetries, insurance markets. Role of regulation, policy evaluation.

[Syllabi for all MEBA subjects (Year 2020-2021) can be downloaded from here]

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