MEBA Contents

The MEBA program is divided into 7 Modules (or blocks).

  • Module 1 and Module 2 are mandatory for all students and consist of core economics and business courses.

After the completion of the two mandatory modules, students may choose, according to their preferences and interests, and upon approval by the admissions’ committee, between Modules 3 and 4 (Finance) or Modules 5 and 6 (PublicPolicies).

  • Modules 3 and 4, Finance, aims at getting students acquainted with the return-risk mechanisms and the drivers of value creation in firms and financial markets in order to become capable of designing, managing and monitoring financial strategies addressed to financial institutions and corporations.
  • Modules 5 and 6, PublicPolicies, aims at providing students with a sound foundation in applied theory and empirical analysis of a range of policies that are of special importance in today’s world.

Finally, Module 7 is also mandatory and consists of a MastersThesis.

All in all, students must register for a total of 60 ECTS according to the following program structure

Because of the strong focus on analytical and quantitative methods, including applied mathematical theories and empirical statistics methods, candidates are required to have passed some undergraduate preparation in economics and business administration, including courses in micro and macroeconomic analysis, statistics, econometrics, calculus and linear algebra.

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