Frequenty Asked Questions

Q1. Do I need to have my bachelor (or other studies) finished to proceed with the application and pre-enrolment procedure?

A1: No, you can proceeded with the pre-enrolment procedure and provide as much information (degree title, expected graduation date, trasnscript of records, ...) as possible. You must have finished your studies by the time the official registration takes place.

Q2. Do you offer any financial support?

A2While the master program does not provide specific forms of financial aid, the site Financial Aids, Grants, and Calls (UAB Searcher) contains useful information.

Q3. What is the master's official language?

A3. The master program is totaly conducted and managed in english. All the subjects are thaught in english, and english is the only communication language whithin the master program.

Q4. My Bachelor degree is not in Economics or Business. Can I still apply for admission?

A4  Besides the official requirements  for admission, you should be aware that, because of the strong focus on analytical and quantitative methods, including applied mathematical theories and empirical statistics methods, candidates are highly recommended to have passed some undergraduate preparation in economics and business administration, including courses in micro and macroeconomic analysis, statistics, econometrics, calculus and linear algebra.

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