The MCAS prepares students to pursue the following career fields:

- International cooperation:

Consultant on the Arab world for public and private, national or international institutions,  (UN, EU, embassies and consulates, Middle Eastern centers, NGOs, etc.).

- Cultural management:

Exhibition curators and cultural activities organizers (film cycles, music, conferences, lectures and talks, etc.).

Cultural consultants for embassies, consulates, European cultural centers in the Arab world, etc.

- Teaching:

Teachers of Arabic as a Foreign Language in academies and schools of languages, universities, national or international high schools, etc.

Teachers of Arabic culture and Islam at universities, Middle Eastern centers, cultural centers, etc.

- Translation and interpretating:

Translators and interpreters at private and public institutions, both European and international (UN, EU, embassies, etc.)

Translators and interpreters at international business companies based in the Arab world, and at Arab business companies based in Europe (private sector).

- Journalism:

Consultants and editors in European and Arab information and communication media.

Special envoys and correspondents for European and/or Arab media.

- Research:

In the field of Contemporary History and Near Eastern Studies and, within the latter, in disciplines such as linguistics, contemporary literature, artistic creation, and the new information and communication media.

- Bridging studies providing access to other fields such as:

Diplomatic studies

Political and Social Sciences

Communication Sciences

Cultural Management

International Cooperation


Gender Studies


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