8-xpr27701-editar-ma.jpg1. Do I have to know a dialect to enroll in the MCAS?

No, you don't. All the subjects are taught in MSA (fusha), and the shami and darija courses are ab initio courses.


2.   If I already speak a dialect, are the dialect classes still compulsory?

Yes, and even if the dialect you speak is one of the two offered. This is because the contents are not only communicative, but  also linguistic and philological.


3. May I enrol in the MCAS if I have not studied Arabic at university?

Yes. In order to join the MCAS you are required to have an undergraduate degree and be able to prove knowledge of Arabic to at least B1 CEFR level, which you could have acquired at any official centre.


4. Does the MCAS offer optional courses?

No, all the courses are compulsory.


5. May I pursue the MCAS program in two years?

Not at the moment. However, due to the number of studens that have showned interest in this option, we are considering it for the future. If you have questions regarding this issue, do not hesitate to contact us.


6. Do MCAS students have to do an internship?

No, but we are considering offering this possibility in the future.


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