Students who have a language other than Arabic as their mother tongue but who have studied Arabic at university or at language academies for at least four years. These students should preferably have pursued a study program in an Arab country. In any case, they are required to have an MSA level more or less equivalent to the B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).


All candidates are required to submit the highest Arabic language certificate obtained, as well as documentary proof of their stay in an Arab country. The level in Arabic required to pursue the MCAS is a B1 (or equivalent) according to the CEFR. Those candidates who do not comply with stage 1 of the selection process (for example, beacause they can not certify their language level), should send a motivation letter in Arabic (500 words) defending their candidacy for the MCAS (presentation, academic and professional career, reason/s to enrole in this master, personal interests, etc.) and will be interviewed in Arabic (MSA and dialectal), in order to determine both their oral competence and their suitability for the master’s course.

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