This master program is composed by 9 modules of 6 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) each, all of them are compulsory. Each module is coordinated by one specific university, which are organized as follows:

    • Introductory modules (M1, M2 and M3)
    • Specialized modules (M4, M5 and M6)
    • Transversal and Research skills (M7 and M8)
    • A master's dissertation (M9)

Modules M1 to M6 are taught following a project-based methodology, the projects can be accessed at the right-side menu.

  Modules Student Guides Term ECTS Univ.
M1 Introduction to human and CV [+] [M1 Guide] 1st (Oct-Nov) 6 UPC
M2 Optimization and Inference techniques for CV [+] [M2 Guide] 1st (Oct-Nov) 6 UPF
M3 Machine Learning techniques for CV [+] [M3 Guide] 1st (Dec-Feb) 6 UAB
M4 3D Vision [+] [M4 Guide] 1st (Dec-Feb) 6 UPF
M5 Visual Recognition [+] [M5 Guide] 2nd (Feb-Apr)  6 UAB
M6 Video Analysis [+]   [M6 Guide] 2nd (Feb-Apr) 6 UPC
M7 Introduction to Research Dissemination [+] [M7 Guide] 1st (Oct-Feb) 6 UOC (online)
M8 Research and Technology Transfer Management [+] [M8 Guide] 2nd (Feb-May) 6 UOC (online)
M9 Master Dissertation [+] [M9 Guide] 2nd (May-Jul or Sep) 12 ALL
      Total:  60