M7. Introduction to research dissemination

The aim of this module is to introduce the students to the process of disseminating the results of their research. To this end we will work in two main areas. On the first hand, the oral presentations made with quality standards at the level of formal content, oral and through correct use of nonverbal language. On the other hand the writing of scientific papers for publication in journals and conference proceedings. It is also intended to place special emphasis on ethical issues in research and plagiarism.

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  1. Edition of scientific texts: LaTeX
  2. Presentation of research results.    
    • Information and Format. 
    • Oral Presentations
  3. Writing scientific papers
    • Scientific Text
    • Style
  4. Publication of research results
    • Journals and conferences
    • The publishing process
    • The relevance and impact of a publication
  5. Ethics in R & D

Activities and calendar:

This course follows the activity centered educational model. We provide a set of resources and 10 assessed activities related to these contents. To access the full calendar, please log in into you UOC account: www.uoc.edu, and select the course: M0.200 Introduction to Research Dissemination. You will see the time line calendar of the course in the middle of the screen. Each milestone in the timeline represents an activity, with the corresponding deadlines and planification.

M7 Student Guide [here]

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