--- Important!!!,  Pre-registration period for this Master is open [here], the pre-registration period (2021 October intake) is from December 9th 2020 to April 9th 2021 (issuing the resolution from April 30th 2021). Students interested in enrolling the master who have not yet finished their degree, must also go through this pre-registration period and if finally admitted, they will then receive an admission conditioned to them passing the degree in due time.

Another pre-registration period could be open further on if vacancies,  will open from May 3rd to June 25th, 2021 (issuing the resolution from July 12th 2021). But we do encourage all interested students to apply at this first pre-registration period, as it could be the only one. 

--- Master (Intake October 2020) started on October 2nd, with an Online Welcome Session [pdf] [photo]. This year the Master is following a hybrid version due to the pandemia, but  usually it takes place at different Campuses within the Barcelona area depending on module coordination:

 M1 and M6 (UPC) at Campus Nord

 M2 and M4 (UPF) at Campus Poblenou

 M3 and M5 (UAB) at Campus Bellaterra 

 M7 and M8 (UOC) online through the Virtual Campus of UOC 

--- Master dissertations vivas [here] and Closing of the academic Year 2019-20 took place on September 22nd in the frame of the Annual Catalan Meeting in Computer Vision [ACMCV website]

--- Master (Intake October 2020)  will start on October 2nd, with a Welcome Session that will be on-line. We will send invitations when we get closer to the date. Courses will start on October 5th.  The 1st Semester wil be in a temporary on-line version, with synchronous on-line sessions that will follow the usual on-site schedule. Contents and methodology will not be changed, just carrying the effects on interactions derived of a change from on-site to on-line sessions. First semester is M1, M2, M3, M4 and M7 modules and 2nd Semester is M5, M6, M8 and M9. 

--- Student Projects in companies, if your company is interested in offering internship projects for our students you can insert your proposal [here]

--- Important!!!!  This Master has been awarded with 1 Grant of Catalunya‐La Pedrera Foundation - deadline for applications is July, 16th 2019 [more information]

-- Previous Events:

  1. ACMCV'19 Sept. 17th took place at Espai Bit, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (web page [+])
  2. Welcome Session 2018 [+]
  3. ACMCV'18   Sept. 20th took place at CVC in UAB campus, (some pictures[+])
  4. ACMCV'17Sept 19th took place at UPF Campus Poblenou (some pictures [+])
  5. ACMCV'16 Sept 16th took place at UPC Campus Nord (some pictures [+])
  6. Open MCV Lecture of Dr. Oriol Vinyals (Google DeepMind) on "Image Captioning and Advanced Topics"

--- The Master in Computer Vision has been "Accredited with Excellence" by AQU, the Quality Agency of the Catalan University System and the Spanish Ministry of Education.

--- Master leaflet [here]

--- Related Information:

Videos about the master's topic and the people within this master:

MOOC on Object Detection at

     Some researchers related to this master have prepared a MOOC at Coursera on Object detection.

     It is a 6 week course that introduces the basic principles of any automatic detection and recognition of objects in images. Throughout the course different methods of representation and classification that can address cases of application of increasing complexity will be analysed.

     The course is aimed at both university students within a degree related to Computer Science, Engineering or Mathematics, but other students with programming skills, interested in learning how to use computer vision techniques to extract information from images are more than welcome.