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The Master on Logistics and Supply Chain Management is intended to define a suitable academic answer to an identified need of well-educated professionals in a crucial sector for European economy. The master programme has as the main goal the education of professionals able to take decisions in LSCM considering the operational, tactical and strategic aspects in Logistics and Supply Chain management from an integrated perspective by covering the technological, engineering and business related subjects.

The LSCM master's degree is targeting all graduates who want to deepen their knowledge in the area of Logistics and Supply Chain Management combined with an international and intercultural orientation and with a particular focus on methodologies and techniques which are able to handle business data, financial data and engineering data in order to find efficient solutions dealing with strategic, tactical and operational questions from an integrating perspective.

The LSCM master gives response to a need in present economy of well-educated professionals in the logistics and supply chain field by identifying the common ground and foundations required to fit the learning skills and competencies expected by the labour market in this sector. Furthermore, the European dimension of the Master becomes of major relevance since LSCM is essentially the organization and realization of an inter-organizational and, frequently, trans-national flows (of goods, services, and related information). Student and teacher mobility contributes to provide the graduates with this essential trans-national view.

Career Opportunities

  • Material planner
  • Purchasing planner
  • Distribution planner
  • Logistics manager
  • Purchasing manager
  • Supply chain strategist
  • Production planner
  • Transportation planner
  • Software developer
  • Supply chain manager
  • Logistics project manager
  • Consultant in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Download LSCM Presentation Brochure (pdf, 459.93KB)

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