PhD students

PhD students and dissertation in progress

First enrolment Complements Formation Dissertation title Supervisor/s
2020-21 Alghanayem, Haitham To be informed (research line: Strategic Marketing) Jordi López / Giuseppe Lamberti
2020-21 Barqawi, Omamah To be informed (research line: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and SME Management) David Urbano / Andreu Turró
2020-21 Bernacka, Sylwia Anna To be informed (research line: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and SME Management) David Urbano
2020-21 Tiballi, Paulo To be informed (research line: Strategic Marketing) Josep Rialp
  1st year students    
2020-21 Acharjee, Shushanta The effect of social capital on social entrepreneurship: Does it vary from society to society? David Urbano / Josep Rialp
2020-21 Buhmann, Kathrin Monika Analyzing electric vehicles from a consumer perspective as a mean to overcome environmental concerns Josep Rialp
2020-21 Gharsi, Olfa Cultural divide in European Union: the role of time and socio-demographic indicators in generating the cultural divide in Europe Jordi López / Giuseppe Lamberti
2019-20 Izotova, Ana Drivers and effects of firms’ external knowledge sourcing strategie Ma Teresa Bolívar
2020-21 Masó, Alexandra Internal and external determinants and performance effects of business growth. Joan-Lluís Capelleras
2020-21 Masoudi, Shayan Effects of International Entrepreneurial Culture (IEC) on Timing of Internationalization In Spanish new ventures Àlex Rialp
2020-21 Raurich, Toni Pay per click attribution. Effects on Direct Search Traffic and Purchases Joan Llonch
2020-21 Shahamat Manesh, Ashkan Oil and gas firms’ performance, manipulation of the financial information and event studies Diego Prior / Isabel Narbón
  2nd year students    
2019-20 Aljalahma, Jaber The accelerator phenomemon and its evolution John Slof
2019-20 Alsagr, Naif Geopolitical Risk, Oil Price, Management Behavior, Macro-Financial Linkages and Banking System: Empirical Evidence from GCC Countries Stefan Van Hemmen
2019-20 Alvarez Vargas, Cecilia Entrepreneurial growth aspirations and innovation adoption Joan-Lluís Capelleras / Victor Martín
2019-20 Castaño, Ricardo Antecedentes y consecuencias de la credibilidad de boca-oído y de boca-oído-electrónico y su consecuencia en el engagement. El efecto mediador de la satisfacción. Josep Rialp / Diana Marcela Escandón
2019-20 Cervantes, Michelle Ecuadorian SMEs export activities and environmental responsability Alex Rialp
2019-20 Fraysse, Gilhem The Effects of Solvency II on Insurers' Asset Allocation Ma Antònia Tarrazón
2019-20 Henriquez Daza, María Cecilia Variables individuales y las aspiraciones de crecimiento. Influencia del contexto institucional en países emergentes Joan-Lluís Capelleras  / Fabian Osorio
2019-20 Islam, Manirul The effects of internal audit attributes and internal control effectiveness on financial reporting quality  John Slof
2019-20 López Estrada, Sebastián Efficiency and quality in an educational system: an examination at social inequality  Victor Giménez / Alexei Arbona
2019-20 Merhi, Haitham The role of Self-construal in consumers' participation in Cause-Related Marketing Compaigns and the effect of participating in these compaigns on the consumers' communications  Josep Rialp
2019-20 Orjuela, Guillermo Three essays on firms’ adoption of eco-innovations: the role of institutions and the appropriability regime David Urbano / Julio Cesar Zuluaga Jiménez
2019-20 Orozco, Jairo Determinants and effects of intrapreneurship in developing economies: A multilevel analysis David Urbano / Andreu Turró
2019-20 Shah, Syed Saeed Abbas Analysis of online shopping behavior: An intergenerational approach Jordi López  / Pilar López
2019-20 Wang, Kai Essays on the Role of MOOCs in the Context of Contemporary Higher Education Stefan Van Hemmen /Josep Rialp
  3rd year students    
2018-19 Alharbey, Mohammed Equity Crowdfunding behaviour - campaign and platforms quality approach S. Van Hemmen
2018-19 Alwakid, Wafa The Institutions as Determinants of Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia David Urbano / Sebastián Aparicio
2018-19 Aral, Öyku Hazal The effect of consumer ethnocentrism on the sustainability: A comparative analysis on the Turkey and Spain Jordi López Sintas
2018-19 Basingab, Ahmed Corporate Entrepreneurship in Gulf Region: A Triangulation Approach David Urbano / Andreu Turró
2018-19 Makki, Rayan Investor Behavior in Equity Crowdfunding: An International study for investor Behavior Stefan Van Hemmen / Jordi Brandts
2018-19 Piqueras, Silvia Digital Enterprises: The Drivers of their Internationalization Process Alex Rialp
2018-19 Suhail, Aamir Fatigued by Citizenship Expectations: When pressure to perform more badly effects employees' wellbeing and workplace functioning Alex Rialp / Alexandra Simón
2018-19 Villegas, Francisco   Sustainable business strategies in SMEs: Their antecedents and organizational consequences. Joan Llonch / Pilar López
  4th year students    
2017-18 González Pla, Francisco Essays on Volatility in Credit Risk Modeling Lidija Lovreta
2017-18 López Orozco, Tatiana Institutional dimensions and entrepreneurial activity: an international study David Urbano / Claudia Álvarez
2017-18 Resnichenko, Ivana The behavior and performance of young innovative companies in Uruguay  Joan-Lluís Capelleras / Juan Federico
2017-18 Sukphan, Jakkapong Social Media Globalization and Society  Jordi López  / Giuseppe Lamberti
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