PhD special prize


Since academic year 2012-13 the IDEM program has been giving a PhD special prize for the best doctoral dissertation(s). The PhD special prizes confer further value on dissertations that have received the grade of Cum Laude and that stand out for their ground-breaking contribution.

The IDEM Academic Committee’s criteria for awarding these PhD special prizes are as follows:

  • Having obtained the grade of Summa cum Laude
  • Having obtained the International Doctoral Research Component
  • Quality of publications
  • Academic track record

Here you can see the list of the dissertations that have been awarded the PhD special prize.

Name Title Course of the defense
Aparicio, Sebastián Linking institutions, entrepreneurship and economic development: An international study 2016-17
López Torres, Laura Efficiency of Management in Public Schools. Analysis in a context of budgetary restrictions 2015-16
Turró, Andreu Antecedents and Consequences of Corporate Entrepreneurship An International Study 2015-16
Hoxha, Durim Understanding Small Business Growth and Development in the Context of an Extrem, Transitional and Marginalized Environment 2012-13


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