The main objectives of the iDEM Program are the following:

  • To offer an academic framework for scientific research in business and management with a particular focus on entrepreneurship.
  • To develop skills for rigorous research.
  • To allow graduate students to develop their PhD thesis upon solid theoretical grounds and also address relevant empirical questions.
  • To prepare students to publish in highly ranked international journals, undertake novel research, and present the results at academic conferences.
  • To prepare students for successful careers as researchers in the field.
  • To prepare students to contribute to the future development of knowledge and practice in the field.


The iDEM Program has been offered since 1978 as a doctoral program of the Department of Economics and Business (currently Department of Business). In its present format the program requires candidates to have completed the UAB’s one-year Master’s Degree in Applied Research in Economics and Business (MAREB) or an official research master’s degree in Business, Management, Economics or other Social Sciences, taught by an accredited university.

The program has a clear international orientation. Over the last forty years, students have come from different countries all around the world. The language of the program is English and it takes three years of full‑time dedication.


The program has five research lines.


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