How to Apply?

MAREB students

Students holding the UAB Master’s Degree in Applied Research in Economics and Business (MAREB-UAB) can apply to the iDEM PhD Program if they meet the following minimum requirements.

  • They have completed the MAREB with a minimum average grade of 7 (out of 10) and the same minimum grade for the Master’s Thesis.
  • They have the agreement of a faculty member of the program to supervise the doctoral dissertation.
  • They have obtained 300 ECTS overall (bachelor’s degree + master’s degree)

Online applications for the iDEM PhD can be made at this LINK (here you can find procedures, documents, calendar, etc.).

Application period for MAREB students: After completed the MAREB degree and until the end of applications period.


Students holding another research master’s degree (not MAREB)

Having a master’s degree does not guarantee eligibility for the iDEM program. Only in very exceptional cases students can be accepted if they have a research master’s degree with similar contents to those of MAREB.

If you find this to be your case, you can apply online for the admission to the IDEM program and the Academic Committee will evaluate your application according to the calendar below.

The applications for the academic year 2022-23 will be opened from February 15th 2022.

It is highly recommended to apply as soon as possible in order to join the course on time, especially if students require an admission letter to carry out other procedures (visa, scholarship, etc.).

The academic year starts on late September 2022 (for those students who need to do supplementary training) or early October 2022.

Online applications calendar for academic year 2022-23

  • February, 15 - March, 31 > resolution by April 20
  • April, 1 -  May, 29 > resolution by June 27
  • June, 1 - July, 29 > resolution by October 3
  • August (summer break)
  • September, 1 – October, 14 > resolution by October 31



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