Final submission

Once the doctoral dissertation is finished according to the supervisor’s criteria, the following documents should be submitted:

  • PhD candidate (send by e-mail to with a copy to your supervisor/s and tutor):
    • Doctoral dissertation (Word and PDF format) 
    • One-page abstract in English
  • Supervisor
    • Supervisor’s report 
    • List of possible external examiners of the dissertation

After these documents have been submitted, the Academic Committee (AC) will start the internal and external evaluation procedures.

Once the external referee report has been received, the AC will send a copy of it, together with the results of the internal evaluation, to the dissertation supervisor and the supervisor will forward a copy of these reports/evaluation results to the candidate. These evaluation reports may contain remarks or suggestions intended to improve the dissertation. It will be the supervisor, however, who will decide whether to take them into account and how, as regards modifying or amending the dissertation text.

Finally, the PhD candidate will submit the following.

  • The final version of the dissertation (that takes into account the suggestions received in the external and internal evaluation).
  • Supervisor's note pointing out the changes that have been introduced and his/her approval of that final version of the dissertation to be defended.
  • A proposal on the membership of the examining board. 

The AC will evaluate the documents and give its agreement to the defense (if the evaluation is favorable).

Once the PhD student has the approval of the AC he/she can deposit the dissertation at the Doctoral School.


List of external examiners that have participated in our program.


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