Annual Assessment

Every academic year, students have to undergo an annual progress review before an academic committee. They need to pass this annual review in order to enroll on the following year.

The duration of the PhD is a maximum of three years.

The annual review will be as follows:

  • 1st year:
    • Research Proposal following the guidelines you will find at this link.
    • First chapter (article) of the thesis
    • Supervisor’s report
    • Submission deadline 1st year: May, 30


  • 2nd year:
    • The second chapter (article) of the thesis and the draft of the third chapter (article).
    • Supervisor’s report
    • Submission deadline 2nd year: May, 30



Please note that all documents submitted need to have your supervisor’s approval at the time of submission.


Annual review presentation:

  • Students will do an annual public presentation in front of a committee which will be decided depending on the research topic and the professors’ availabilities.  The committee will be composed by the IDEM coordinator, another member of the IDEM academic committee and another professor specialized in the research topic.
  • The presentation will be normally between June 15 and July 15 (to be announced each academic year). Exact calendar of the presentations will be sent some days in advanced by e-mail to all the students.

If the annual review is NEGATIVE, the PhD student will have to enroll for a retake review, submit the documents by the end of November, and then make a new presentation in December (the dates will be confirmed each academic year). Should that second review also be negative, the PhD candidate will have to leave the program.


International Doctoral Research Component (Mención Doctor Internacional-MDI)

In order to apply for the International Doctoral Research Component (MDI), students should undertake a stay of at least three months at a prestigious higher education institute. Normally this research stay is done during the second or the beginning of the third year of the PhD.

You can find all the information and requirements for the MDI at this link.






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