Easy summary of Output 5



1. What did we do?

We created materials

that teach how to write

and how to adapt

easy-to-understand content.


The materials also teach

how to create easy-to-understand subtitles,

easy-to-understand audio descriptions,

and easy-to-understand audiovisual news.


2. What are the results?

We created different types of materials:

  • videos
  • slide presentations
  • reading lists
  • exercises
  • questionnaires
  • other materials


We tried to make the materials accessible.

We created:

  • transcripts in English for all the videos
  • audio versions of all the videos
  • subtitles in English for all the videos
  • subtitles in other languages for some videos


In total, we have created 142 videos.


You can find all the materials

on the EASIT teaching materials website.

They are also available in open access,

on DDD.


3. Who can use these results?

If you are a learner,

you can go to the website

and watch the videos as you wish.


If you are a trainer,

you can select the materials you like

and use them in your classes.

We have prepared a guide

to help you.


If you have any questions,

you can contact Anna Matamala

at anna.matamala@uab.cat.

Campus d'excel·lència internacional U A B