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Títol de la tesi: The role of visual kei in the formation of individual and collective identities among Chilean fans
Director/a: Dr. Jordi Mas López, Dr. Artur Lozano Méndez.
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Data d'inscripció de la tesi: 2018/02/23
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Idioma de la tesi: Anglès

This project focuses on the reception of visual kei in Chile and the personal relationship that its fans have with this music movement. While Japanese in its origins, visual kei in Chile has taken new forms that respond to the national context. During the early 2000s, fans, their practices, and appearances gave rise to a form of youth subculture that the media named “visuals,” which came to join existing urban tribes. They were only one amongst various groups of young Chileans that were highly visible both because of their appearance and their behavior. Although not overtly political, they existed within a context of youth discontent with the status quo. As its members grow older and media coverage lessens, events organized by fans themselves remain one of the only avenues to maintain the coherence of the scene.These followers find in visual kei the opportunity to take ownership of their image and its public projection.
Through field work with these groups, this project seeks to understand the special appeal that this Japanese style poses for Chilean followers and the way they adapt it to their context. It also explores notions of identity and belonging in a subcultural setting that was brought forward by the internet age and Japan’s popular culture expansion.
The objective of this research can be divided into two parts:
1. Understanding, through first-hand accounts, the particular appeal of visual kei for its Chilean fans, exploring the way its imagery has been adapted to the national context. It will observe the way that the research subjects reinterpret and incorporate this foreign style as an element of their personal and collective identities.}
2. Setting the aforementioned findings within the framework of the international expansion of Japan as sub-empire (Ueno, 1996) through popular culture using both government institutions and community-based channels.

Becari: SI
Tipus de Beca: Beca de Doctorado en el Extranjero BECAS CHILE (CONICYT)
Data d'admissió als estudis de doctorat: 2017/10/02

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Línia prioritària de recerca de l'Àrea de Traducció i Interpretació: Cultura, pensament i interculturalitat de l'Àsia Oriental
Línia secundària de recerca de l'Àrea de Traducció i Interpretació: Societat de l'Àsia Oriental
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Reyes-Navarro, Javiera (2019). The Power of the Familiar: Intertextuality in Anime and Manga through Hirano Kouta’s Hellsing. FCH Annals Journal of the Florida Conference of Historians, 25, pp. 71-78.

Comunicacions a congressos:

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Reyes-Navarro, Javiera. “The entertainment world as a space for the development of transsexual identities in post-war Japan.” Practicing History Conference. April 11, 2013 ‘ April 12, 2013. The University of Utah, Salt Lake City UT, April 11, 2013 - April 12, 2013.

Reyes-Navarro, Javiera “The question of ‘Japaneseness’: Japanese-Chileans and the claim to authenticity,” Western Conference of the Association of Asian Studies, Weber State University, Ogden UT, September 27, 2013 - September 28, 2013.

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