Aran Romero Moreno

Doctorands / Doctorandes
Títol de la tesi: Transformaciones urbanas en China. Aproximación etnográfica a los discursos y las prácticas en torno a la noción de wenming 文明
Director/a: Dr. Blai Guarné Cabello, Dra. Irene Masdeu Torruella.
Tesi en cotutela: Dr. Feng Xiao Tian 风笑天
Data d'inscripció de la tesi: 2017/03/16
Doctorat internacional: Nanjing University 南京大学
Idioma de la tesi: Castellà
Resum: In the last four decades, since the Reforms of 1978, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has been employing the rhetoric of wenming 文明 «civilization, civilized, culture» to set the moral requirements for the realization of the «Chinese dream» zhongguo mengxiang, that is, the harmonic confluence of tradition –Confucian ideals–, modernization –market economy– and socialism –the Party–. As a result, Chinese cities are filled with banners, headlines and titles to promote the legit practice of citizenry. The aim of this research is to approach through qualitative methods the discourses and practices around the notion of wenming in the People’s Republic of China. The main hypothesis is that this concept, as a floating signifier, is the linguistic manifestation of the tension between the state’s ideal of a civil subject and the multiplicity of habitus produced by and producers of the city as a complex social space. In summary, as Sara Friedman (2004) pinpoints, wenming works as a symbolic apparatus that generates a fundamental inequality between the «civilizing center» –mainly based on the rise of a Chinese middle class– and the peripheral people on which it acts. Thus, civilization is a process that materializes through two main spaces: the city and the bodies that dwell it. The goal is to observe how the micro-sociological processes of daily life become the fundamental link between structure and subjectivity, state-mediated discourse and popular practice.
Becari: NO
Tipus de Beca: -
Data d'admissió als estudis de doctorat: 2016/11/14

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Línia prioritària de recerca de l'Àrea dels Estudis de l’Àsia Oriental: Cultura, pensament i interculturalitat de l'Àsia Oriental
Línia secundària de recerca: Societat de l'Àsia Oriental
Estades predoctorals de recerca: Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship – Confucius China Studies Program
Estança investigadora Universitat de Nanjing, Xina. Setembre 2017 - Juliol 2018.
Publicacions: Romero Moreno, A. (en prensa). From Process of Civilization to Policy of Civilization: A holistic review of the Chinese concept of ‘wenming’. Contextos

Romero Moreno, A. (2014). Construcción estereotípica de los waiguoren en China. Coreanos, japoneses y ‘blancos’ en los mass media. Asiadémica, (4):151–172.

Comunicacions a congressos: Romero Moreno, A. ¿La colonización cívica? Una mirada antropológica de los procesos civilizatorios en China. VII Simposio Internacional de Jóvenes Investigadores en Traducción, Interpretación, Estudios Interculturales y Estudios de Asia Oriental, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, 01.07.2016.
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