Maryam Dehghanzadeh

PhD students
PhD title:

The Impact of Intralingual Translation on Persian Legal Text Comprehensibility

PhD supervisor:

Dr. Mariana Orozco Jutorán

Joint supervision: -
Date of project acceptance: 2020/01/14
European PhD thesis: SI
Language of PhD: English
Abstract: Regarding the law and legal language, people have always faced permanent challenges while interacting with the legal domain. Their unfamiliarity with the legal terms, and the difficulties they face while reading even a simple legal text, sometimes lead to a lawsuit and loss of money or property. According to Tiersma (2000) that what makes legal texts different from other specialized texts are the specific legal terminology and each country's own legal system so that legal terms are considered as culture-specific items. Writing style in legal texts is also different from the writing style in other fields of science. The sentences are lengthy and terms are sometimes archaic. These problems are not limited to one country, a nation or a language. For example, the “Plain English Movement”, which started about five decades ago and penetrated beyond English-speaking countries to places like Japan, in the 1970s, where it was decided to re-write legal documents, particularly those used by consumers, in a manner that could be understood not just by the legal technicians who draft them, but by the consumers who are bound by their terms. It is worth noticing that this movement was based in intralingual translation in which the changes take place within the same language and, in this case, is used as a means to solve the legal texts difficulties for non-legal experts. Considering all the above-mentioned problems, Iranian non-legal citizens are also confronted with every-day legal texts such as purchase contracts, complaints and marriage conditions that they do not fully understand. Thus, the motivation for this dissertation, inspired by the Plain English Campaign, is investigating the effect of intralingual translation on non-legal experts’ comprehension regarding every-day Persian legal texts.


Scholarship: NO
Type of Scholarship: -
Date of entrance: 2019/11/01

Areas of research:

Research Priority Area Translation and Interpretation: Traducció de textos especialitzats.
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Research Priority Area of East Asian Studies: -
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Research merits
(Publications, conferences, etc.):

Dehghanzadeh, M. "Deformation in the Translation of Novel / Analysis of William Faulkner’s ‘The Sound and Fury’ Based on Antonie Berman’s Deforming Tendencies ", Proceedings of First National Conference on Translation Studies, Kerman Institute of Higher Education, Kerman, Iran. (Oral Presentation).(2015).

Dehghanzadeh, M. " Analysis of Children Literature Translation Case Study: The Saucy Boy", Proceedings of First National Conference on Translation Studies, Kerman Institute of Higher Education, Kerman, Iran. (Poster Presentation). (2015).

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