Leian Du

PhD students
PhD title:

Censura y traducción literaria durante la Revolución Cultural China (1966-1976)

PhD supervisor: Dr. Montserrat Bacardí i Tomàs
Joint supervision: -
Date of project acceptance: 2020/02/12
European PhD thesis: -
Language of PhD: Spanish

This research aims to study the censorship of literary translations during the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). Two planes of censorship will be addressed: external censorship and internal censorship. In other words, the censorship imposed by patronages and the self-censorship carried out by the translators themselves. The seventy-six literary translations published during this historical and political period will be analyzed: aspects such as the era, the country and the language of origin, the author, the subject, the editorial data of the published translations, the paratexts and the translator or translators. Furthermore, percentage of translations in different languages will be established in order to find out if elements like diplomatic relations and the level of development of a country affect the introduction and popularization of a version. Finally, the invisible translators and their main contributions to translation will be presented in detai

Scholarship: NO
Type of Scholarship: -
Date of entrance: 2019/10/01

Areas of research:

Research Priority Area Translation and Interpretation: Història de la traducció i la interpretació
Secondary line of research for the Department of Translation and Interpretation: Traducció de textos literaris
Research Priority Area of East Asian Studies: -
Secondary line of research: -
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