Rafael Antonio Flores Paz

PhD students
PhD title: El proyecto formativo del Han Kitab: técnicas, métodos y objetivos
PhD supervisor: Dr. Joaquín Beltrán Antolín
Joint supervision:  
Date of project acceptance: 2018/10/01
European PhD thesis: Si
Language of PhD: Spanish

The present study is part of the field of studies on Islam in China. Its central subject is the research of the techniques, methods and objectives of the Chinese Islamic formative project called Han Kitab. This textual tradition promoted by Islamic hui scholars, which originated in China between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries and whose development continues to this day, had the purpose of education and doctrinal divulgation.


Scholarship: NO
Type of Scholarship:  
Date of entrance: 2018/09/19

Areas of research:

Research Priority Area Translation and Interpretation: Cultura, pensament i interculturalitat de l'Àsia Oriental
Secondary line of research for the Department of Translation and Interpretation: Llengua i literatura de l'Àsia Oriental
Research Priority Area of East Asian Studies: -
Secondary line of research: -
Predoctoral stays abroad:

ReIReS – Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies. ECOLE PRATIQUE DES HAUTES ETUDES-SORBONNE, París, 17-22 de febrero de 2019.


Flores Paz, Rafael (2018) “La estatua de Confucio: renacimiento y difusión del confucianismo en Latinoamérica y en el mundo”, en Xu Shicheng y Eduardo Daniel Oviedo, eds., Foro Internacional sobre Confucianismo. I Simposio Internacional en Lima sobre Diálogo entre las Civilizaciones de China y América Latina. Edicions Bellaterra, Barcelona, pp. 215-240.

Papers at conferences:

- “Confucian religious elements from the Collection of Literary Works of the Cheng brothers”. European Academy of Religion Annual Conference 2019. Bolonia, 5 de marzo de 2019.

- “The presence of divinity in the Chinese commentary of the Samkhya Karika” European Academy of Religion First Annual Conference, 2018. Bolonia, 5 de marzo de 2018

- "The religious phraseology in translations: adapt and adopt to convince". I International Congress of Phraseology and Translation in Hispanic America. Lima, 2018

- "The Neo-Confucian eclecticism: translation and analysis of Understanding the Meaning of humanity 识 仁 篇 and Letter of Stabilization Nature 定性 书 of Cheng Hao 程 颢 (1032-1085)". XVI International Congress of ALADAA. Lima, 2018.

- " Paramārtha (499-569) and the Buddhist translation project from Sanskrit to Chinese". XVI International Congress of ALADAA. Lima, 2018.

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