Michelle Marie Pinzl

PhD students
PhD title: Retention of Interpreting Students through Undergraduate Action Research, Mentorship, Curriculum Design and Assessment: A Case Study of the Community Interpreter Program at Viterbo University
PhD supervisor: Dr. Carmen Bestué, Dr. Marta Arumí
Joint supervision: -
Date of project acceptance: 2019/01/21
International PhD: -
Language of PhD: English

This thesis explores and assesses the effects of implementing high-impact curriculum components into the Community Interpreting Certificate at Viterbo University to determine the influences such methodologies have on students of interpreting studies.

Scholarship: NO
Type of Scholarship: -
Date of entrance: 2018/10/15

Areas of research:

Research Priority Area Translation and Interpretation: Interpretació
Secondary line of research for the Department of Translation and Interpretation: Formació en traducció i interpretació
Research Priority Area of East Asian Studies: -
Secondary line of research: -
Predoctoral stays abroad: -



Papers at conferences: Pinzl, Michelle. Retaining Latinx Students through Undergraduate Action Research. Equity in the Classroom Conference. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Eau Claire, WI. December 6, 2019

Pinzl, Michelle. Crossing the Border: Toward Cultural Humility and Mutual Understanding between Providers and LEP Latinx Patients. Texas Association of Healthcare Interpreters and Translators, Houston, TX. September 14, 2019

Pinzl, Michelle. 2nd Phase Research: Improving Connectivity Between Language Access, Interpreters, and Community Agents. 6th Annual Ramp Up℠ the Conversation Interpreter and ISP Conference. Bilingual Training Consultants, LLC., April 27,2019

Pinzl, Michelle. Language Access: What do Employers, Community Members and Service Providers Need to Know?. Annual Ethics Conference. DB Reinhard Institute for Ethics in Leadership, April 6, 2019

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