Mohammed Jasim Aal-Hajiahmed

PhD students
PhD title:

Cognitive processes in simultaneous interpreting from english into arabic and from arabic into english. A study of problems and interpreter strategies.

PhD supervisor:

Dr. Marta Arumí Ribas

Joint supervision: Dr. Anna Gil-Bardají
Date of project acceptance: 2019/04/29
European PhD thesis: Yes
Language of PhD: English
Abstract: In an attempt to specify the problems that professional and student interpreters encounter during simultaneous interpreting from English into Arabic and from Arabic into English and the strategies used to solve these problems in addition to, the effect of directionality has in interpreting from English into Arabic and from Arabic into English, I will conduct an experimental study for two groups of interpreters professionals and students. The subjects will be first asked to fill in an initial questionnaire, asking for general information about their profile (age, gender, first language, professional languages, training and professional experience). 

Before playing back the speech to the students and the professionals, the class instructor or experimenter will read out an introduction to the topic that they will be given, along with instructions on how to perform the exercise. Immediately afterwards, the subjects will perform a simultaneous interpreting exercise from English into Arabic and vice versa. They will complete the exercise individually, one after the other, without having the opportunity to listen to the versions of their classmates or colleagues. Audio recordings will be made of their performances, and immediately afterwards they will be given the post-interpreting questionnaire asking about the interpreting task. The main aim of these questionnaires will be to obtain preliminary data to be used for the purpose of this research. The second questionnaire will include two types of questions:

- open-ended (eliciting information about how useful the instructor’s introduction to the topic, previous knowledge about the topic, concentration and memory related difficulties, satisfaction with the presentation)

- close-end nature will be concerned with the problems perceived by professionals and students in each of the simultaneous interpreting phases (reception phase and production phase) according to different parameters (speed, subject matter, terminology, structure, culture etc.) and the strategies applied (conscious, unconscious).

The recordings of subjects will be transcribed using Jefferson system of transcription An in-depth analysis of the conveying of the rendered texts will be undertaken. This analysis will be based on a set of indicators, for monitoring and evaluating the sample’s concrete and general performance. Based on the information gathered from the questionnaires and the analysis of the subject’s recordings, this study will answer the research questions and reach its main and specific objectives.


Scholarship: Yes
Type of Scholarship: UAB
Date of entrance: 2018/11/26

Areas of research:

Research Priority Area Translation and Interpretation: Interpretació
Secondary line of research for the Department of Translation and Interpretation: Interpretació
Research Priority Area of East Asian Studies: -
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