Abeya Aldabbagh

PhD students
PhD title: A Pilot Experimental Study on the Effectiveness of a Sub-Skills Approach in the Teaching of Simultaneous Interpreting
PhD supervisor: Dr. Anna Gil-Bardají, Dr. Marta Arumí Ribas.
Date of project acceptance: 2018/02/26
European PhD thesis: SI
Language of PhD: English

In an attempt to investigate the effectiveness of a sub-skills training approach in teaching interpreting, I intend to conduct a pilot experimental study in Princess Nourah University (PNU) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Through this approach, particular interpreting skills are targeted in each training session, i.e., number conversion, split attention, and simplification. Hence, the interpreting teaching process is decomposed into smaller different phases focusing at certain skills each time, as opposed to the regular holistic approach where all skills are targeted and evaluated together.
The study will be conducted with two groups; 24 students each: the experimental group where the proposed approach is tested and the control group where the regular approach is applied. Before commencement, all students will be given an interpreting pre-test, and after the program is completed, students will be given a post-test to evaluate their progress. Finally, in order to draw a conclusion on whether the sub-skill training approach is more or less effective than than (or equal to) the holistic approach, students’ skill progression will be measured and the progression results of the two groups will be compared.

Scholarship: SI
Type of Scholarship: Saudi Ministry of Education
Date of entrance: 2017/09/15

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Research Priority Area Translation and Interpretation: Interpretació
Secondary line of research for the Department of Translation and Interpretation: Formació en traducció i interpretació
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