Throughout the academic year, information about scholarships and grants will be posted on the UAB website in the section Grants and Scholarships . Although every attempt is made to keep students informed of calls for applications for grants and scholarships, each institution or organization publishes its calls at different times, depending on the area of research or specialization. It is therefore important that all students should consult their supervisor who will inform them of the opportunities that arise, as they arise. Students are also advised to look out for interesting calls and inform their supervisors.

MAEC-AECI Scholarships

If you need a preadmission letter, please follow the standard acceptance procedure. Fill in the form available on the website and attach the required documentation (at this stage it is not compulsory to include a PhD supervisor). The PhD Committee will evaluate your proposal and, if accepted, will send the information to the Postgraduate School. The UAB Postgraduate School will then issue the preadmission letter.

Treball Campus

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DRAC Scholarships

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La Caixa Scholarships

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AGAUR scholarships

Beques per a les activitats acadèmiques dirigides de suport al professorat de les universitats públiques del sistema universitari català i de la UOC (AAD 2013). Information and selection criteria.

Campus d'excel·lència internacional U A B