Progress reports


At the end of each year of study, PhD students must report their progress and pass the assessment. The approval by a panel of experts must be obtained so that students could continue with their research.

Date: September 9th, 2021
The assessment will take place online via Teams with your institutional email.


Fourth / Fifth

Assessment criteria: the PhD Commission has established that PhD students are required to give an oral presentation of their progress (a maximum of ten minutes), based on the written report they have submitted previously.

Documents to be submitted

It’s necessary to send these documents from June 28th to July 21st, 2021 to

a) Documents to be delivered by PhD students

Written report by the PhD student: a pdf file up to 2 pages long including the list of research training activities carried out during the academic year 2020 -2021 (following the PHD STUDENT REPORT TEMPLATE).

Updated CV: a pdf file following the model that appears on PhD students website. PhD students must have their PhD student profile activated and updated by filling out this online form.

Documentary evidence: send a scanned copy (in a compressed file .zip o .rar) of all the certificates of the research training activities carried out during the academic year. PhD students are also required to upload this information on the UAB online system (SIGMA).

b) Documents to be delivered by supervisors (with the tutors' agreement, if applicable ) before July 19th to )

Supervisor's report (with the tutor's agreement, if applicable ) : PhD supervisors (with the tutor's agreement, if applicable ) should send a confidential report on the PhD student progress (following the PhD SUPERVISOR REPORT TEMPLATE), after reading the student's report. PhD supervisors are also required to upload their reports on the UAB online system (SIGMA).

Information about "Research training activities" for PhD students under RD99/2011 legislation. More information about the PhD research training activities can be found on the PhD website.


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