Progress reports


At the end of each year of study, PhD students must submit a progress report on their research for assessment by a panel of experts. Approval of the report must be obtained if students are to continue with their research.

Date: September 10th, 2020
Venue: Department of Translation and Interpreting & East Asian Studies




Assessment criteria: the PhD Commission has established that PhD students are required to give an oral presentation of their progress reports (a maximum of ten minutes), based on the written report which must be submitted previously.

Documents to be submitted

a) Please, find below the documents you have to bring the very day of the presentation.

Written report by the PhD student: a pdf file up to 2 pages long (following the PHD STUDENT REPORT TEMPLATE).

Updated CV: a pdf copy of the CV as it appears on the PhD student website must be submitted.
PhD students must activate or update their PhD student profile on the PhD students website by filling out this online form. Should a student exceptionally not wish to make this data available online, s/he should contact the PhD programme coordinator ( and present a standard CV.

Documentary evidence: send a scanned copy (in a compressed file .zip o .rar) of all the certificatesof the research activities carried out during the academic year 2015/16.
The PhD student will also have to present a printed copy (photocopies and scanned documents will be accepted) of all these documents (written report by the PhD student; updated CV; documentary evidence) to the panel of experts during the assessment. PhD students are also required to upload the information on the UAB online system (SIGMA).

b) Documents to be delivered by supervisors (with the tutors' agreement, if applicable ) before July 10th to the Department’s secretary ( to )

Supervisor’s report (with the tutor’s agreement, if applicable ) : PhD supervisors (with the tutor’s agreement, if applicable ) should send a confidential report on the PhD student progress (following the PHD SUPERVISOR REPORT TEMPLATE), after reading the student’s report. PhD supervisors are also required to upload their reports on the UAB online system (SIGMA).

Information about “Research training activities” for PhD students under RD99/2011 legislation. More information about the PhD research training activities can be found on the PhD website.

Important remarks: Videoconference
(i) All assessment sessions are face-to-face. According to UAB regulations, and only in exceptional cases (such as research stays or field work), and due to exceptional circumstances of COVID-19, PhD students can request permission to substitute the oral presentation by a videoconference. Students are required to send an official request (template here) to stating the reasons. A report by the PhD supervisor and documentary evidence must also be submitted. The PhD coordinator will then send all the documentation to the PhD Commission, which will decide if the request is approved or not. Please, use the link below, in order to inform us about your Skype user.

Deadline for presentation of official request: Juny 8th.
(ii) Oral presentations and reports may be made in Catalan, Spanish or English.
(iii) Should a PhD student want to prove merits which are not part of the compulsory/optional training activities, documentary evidence should also be presented to the panel of experts and sent beforehand by email. These merits will only be taken into account for the annual progress report assessment and will not be included in the academic transcript.
Please, find below the documents you have to send by email before Tuesday 10 of July to
(iv) The PhD programme coordinator will inform students of the results they have obtained before starting the enrollment process.

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