History of Translation and Interpreting

• History of translation and interpreting in different countries: the study of specific periods of translation history; the evolution of translation methodology; the study of individual translators and interpreters; the history of translation in specific countries; the influence of translators and interpreters in history.

• The evolution of translation theory in different languages and cultures: the evolution of translation theory; the study of different periods in the evolution of translation theory; the study of specific texts on the subject of translation theory; the history of translation theory in specific countries.

• Investigation of research methods applicable to the study of the history of translation and interpreting

PhD faculty (academic tutors and PhD supervisors)

Judit Fontcuberta, Miquel Edo, Montserrat Bacardí, Francesc Galera Porta.

Other doctors of the Department also can supervise PhD disertations in this field of research.

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