East Asian Societies, Politics and International Relations

• Evolution of East Asian political systems

• Dynamics of East Asian international relations.

• East Asian political and administrative structures and processes: agents, institutions, and public bodies.

• Social and demographic structures in East Asia.

• Causes of gender inequality and its reproduction in East Asian societies.

• Internal and international migration in East Asian societies. Diaspora and transnationalism in East Asia .

• Construction of identity and citizenship in East Asia.

• Family and social relations in East Asia.

• Social policies in East Asia : employment, education, health care, housing and the welfare system.

• Ethnic diversity in East Asia ; East Asian identity management policies and their evolution.

PhD faculty (academic tutors and PhD supervisors)

Joaquín Beltrán, Amelia Sáiz, Blai Gurané, Zhou Minkang, Artur Lozano, Irene Masdeu Torruella.

Other doctors of the Department also can supervise PhD disertations in this field of research.



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