East Asian Languages and Literatures

• The study of East Asian languages: phonology, lexicon, semantics, morphology, syntax, pragmatics.

• Linguistic variation in East Asian languages: register, dialect, and classical language.

• Contrastive studies in East Asian languages.

• Sociolinguistic studies of East Asian languages: dynamics of language contact.

• The study of genres.

• Major trends and literary movements in East Asia. Reception. Problems of translation.

• Contemporary Chinese and Sinophone literature and the global literary system.

• Literary theory and comparative literature in relation to East Asian literatures.

PhD faculty (academic tutors and PhD supervisors)

Helena Casas, Jordi Mas, Sara Rovira, Espín García, María Carmen, Zhou Minkang

Other doctors of the Department also can supervise PhD disertations in this field of research.

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