After enrolling

Information about the following aspects is available on the  UAB website:

Specific regulations / PhD in Translation and Intercultural Studies

a) upload the research plan on the UAB online system and have the supervisor's approval
b) deliver a .pdf copy of the research plan to and
c) deliver a paper copy of the research plan and the research plan request form to the Department's secretary
d) discuss the Statement of commitment annexes with the PhD supervisor and tutor, sign 4-5 paper copies (depending on the number of people signing the document) and leave a signed paper copy at the Department's secretary. A .pdf copy of the signed document must be uploaded by the PhD student to the UAB online system
e) include all the non-compulsory training activities, if applicable, on the UAB online system. Compulsory activities will appear by deafult once the PhD student has registered.

To modify an approved research plan, please present the research plan modification request form.



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