The MA in Graphic Communication is a training program that integrates the disciplines of creativity, graphic design, digital preparation of final artwork and final production (communication, construction and production) of the graphic parts, both print and multimedia. It is intended as the natural continuation of the graduates in communication or related that wish to enhance their profile in art direction, production design and visual communications, namely, to strengthen its profile as a visual communicator.

This is intended to be knowledgeable about the process of creation, preparation for production and final production of any graphic product, as visual communicator work does not end in the creation phase, and must ensure that the visual product obtained in the designed conditions.

For this to happen it is necessary the knowledge that allows the management inherent in any process. For a good creative work to be successful it must be transferred efficiently to the final piece at a reasonable price.

As these skills are not achieved with sufficient expertise in the schools of communication or design, this master's degree in Graphic Communication aims to fill this vacuum and prevent the formation occurs over years of experience, based on mistakes and errors with the problems that entails.

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