Bibliographic resources

In this page you can find several files useful for new business creation, and the understanding of entrepreneurship phenomena.

* How to start a business: A step-by-step guide to growing your big idea into a successful company (by Matthew McCreary).

* Guidelines to prepare a business plan.

Guidelines to prepare a business plan (Spanish version).

Corporate forms. Pros and cons.

Choice of corporate form.

The Market Plan (I Part).

The Market Plan (II Part).

The entrepreneurial idea.

Legal steps to start a business.

Profits taxation and IRPF.

Tools to elaborate the business model.

Economic and financial plan.

Economic and financial plan - Example.

Business plan example (1).

Business plan example (2).


CIEU Documents

Legal matters.

Financial resources.

CANVAS business model.

Recommendations when starting a business.

Economic and financial plan (adaptable).



Entrepreneurship and innovation glossary.

Financial tools glossary.

* Conceptualizing Entrepreneurship in the Literature of Classical Economics, by Petur O. Jonsson.


Books and reports

Business creation in Catalonia.

GEM 2017-2018 executive report. Spain.

GEM 2016 executive report. Spain.

GEM 2015 executive report. Spain.

GEM 2014 executive report. Spain.

GEM 2013 executive report. Spain.

GEM 2012 executive report. Spain.

GEM 2011 executive report. Spain.

GEM 2010 executive report. Spain.

GEM 2016 executive report. Catalonia.

GEM 2015 executive report. Catalonia.

GEM 2014 executive report. Catalonia.

GEM 2013 executive report. Catalonia.

GEM 2012 executive report. Catalonia.

GEM 2011 executive report. Catalonia.

GEM 2010 executive report. Catalonia.

Bulletin of business demography. 4th Quarter 2015.

Executive summary. Observatory of university entrepreneurship 2011.

Executive summary. White paper on entrepreneurship in Spain

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