Welcome to the CIEU website.

The "Centre d'Iniciatives Emprenedores Universitàries" (Centre for University Entrepreneurship) at the "Escola Universitària de Turisme i Direcció Hotelera" from UAB (CIEU), was born at the end of the year 2008 with the objective to foster entrepreneurship and innovation among university members, especially among those studying at the EUTDH. Currently, CIEU offers its services particularly among students from the schools at the UAB Foundation (EPSI, ESAGED and EUTDH).

What do we do?

The main purpose of the CIEU is to support those university entrepreneurs (mainly those from the schools at the UAB Foundation) interested in the entrepreneurship world, we advise and help entrepreneurs to create a new business or to develop entrepreneurial attitudes.

In addition, CIEU aims to analyze and measure the university entrepreneurial activity through an observatory.

What do we offer?

CIEU actions focus on providing information, advising and formation to those people interested in starting a new venture. Besides, we also offer activities and courses related to the improvement of innovation and entrepreneurial competencies. 

CIEU services are free to the UAB members, however, we also offer consultancy services (see prices) for new companies, we assess and advise the creation process contributing to their consolidation.

To contact us:

E-mail: cieu.fuab@uab.cat

Phone: +34 663.090.323 

Monday to Thursday from 9.00 to 17.00h (arrange an appointment)

Edifici Blanc. Vila Universitària. 08193
Bellaterra (Barcelona).


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