The master in Industrial Chemistry and Introduction to Chemical research allows students to acquire a vision of Chemistry from the industrial and the research sector, with in-depth knowledge in some topics related to the use of Materials and Biomolecules. The use of English is an added value and will permit students to become familiar with specific terminology in Chemistry in the language most used in this profession.
As a result, students will be prepared to work in research firms or laboratories specialising in Chemistry applied to New Materials and to the Biosciences and related fields.


Future career development

  • Professionals in chemical and pharmaceutical companies
  • Researchers in investigation institutions
  • Teachers in academic institutions


Ideal student profile

  •  Degree in the fields of Sciences or Biosciences, preferably in Chemistry, Materials Science, Nanosciences, Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology, Biomedicine or Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering.
  • Intermediate knowledge of English
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