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Giovanni Pontiero Biography

Giovanni Pontiero was born in Glasgow, Escocia on the 10th of February 1932 and died at his 64th birthday in Manchester, England. He studied at Glasgow University where he graduated and delivered, in 1962, his PhD thesis about the poetry of Manuel Bandeira. He instructed Latin-American Literature at Manchester University for much of his life. His interest on theatre got him to write one of his best works Eleonora Duse: In Life and Art (Frankfurt: Lang, 1986) and to translate Duse on Tour: The Diaries of Guido Noccioli 1906-1907, Guido Noccioli (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1981).

He developed a prolific activity as a researcher, mainly in the field of Portuguese and Brazilian literature studies, authoring multiple articles, essays, conferences, encyclopedia headwords and translations. Despite his translations from Spanish and Italian to English, he ended up translating mostly Portuguese writing authors, Clarice Lispector and José Saramago above all. He translated six works of José Saramago, with whom he eventually kept a close friendship. He received the following translation prizes: Prémio de Tradução Camões (1968); Prémio Rio Branco (1970); The Independent Foreign Fiction Prize (1993); Translation Award of the American Literary Translator’s Association (1994); Manuel Teixeira Gomes Literary Prize of the Portuguese Government (1995).

Giovanni Pontiero e José SaramagoGiovanni Pontiero and José Saramago

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