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Cartografia 2015

CARTOGRAFIA DE BRIÒFITS. PENÍNSULA IBÈRICA I ILLES BALEARS. Virtual cartography of the bryophytes of the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, this application shows on the map the distribution of the searched taxon plotted on the 10 x 10 km UTM grid. In addition to the distribution map for the taxon, other data such as distribution per province, ecology, threatened categories, observations and drawings are also provided.[+]


FBI II portada FBI II int2 FBI II int1

BRUGUÉS, M. & GUERRA, J. (eds.)  2015.  Flora Briofítica Ibérica. Archidiales, Dicranales, Fissidentales, Seligeriales, Grimmiales. Vol. II, pp. 357. Universidad de Murcia, Sociedad Española de Briología, Murcia. [+inf.



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