SL on Campus

Service Learning at the UAB is managed through different institutions and groups that perform the following functions to promote and institutionalise the methodology:



ApS Commission - UAB


  • Institutional representation in university ApS networks 
  • Political support for the institutionalization of ApS at UAB 
  • Supervision and coordination with others to guarantee the recognition and application of ApS
  • Providing the resources needed for the application of ApS

Permanent ApS commission – UAB

  • Definition of what ApS means at the UAB
  • Definition of priority initiatives at UAB
  • Participation in the pedagogical design of training in ApS aimed at university professors 
  • Promotion of research in ApS
  • Promotion of final bachelor’s projects involving ApS
  • Counselling of the technical office
  • Participation in ApS(U)Cat and other networks for collaboration and work on ApS on a university level


  • Implementation of training in ApS for university professors
  • Management for the recognition of training for professors 
  • Counselling on content design 
  • Creation of a Teacher Innovation Group for implementing ApS in studies plans and participation in research projects connected to knowledge of ApS processes, results, methodology...


  • Promotion of ApS at UAB
  • Promotion of ApS initiatives
  • Sharing methodology with professors
  • Providing information on completed ApS initiatives
  • Promoting ApS in entities external to the UAB
  • Promoting the UAB’s ApS programs
  • Incorporating new entities into ApS proposals
  • Promoting interested entities among UAB professors and students
  • Following ApS processes
  • Creating avenues for contact between entities and professors
  • Managing logistics for service actions (volunteering)
  • Management of ECTS credits, if necessary
  • Participation in the ApS(U)Cat network and other entities for ApS collaboration in the university setting
  • Obtaining funding for research, promoting existing offers, seeking contacts for shared projects, participation in research projects


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