Service Learning at the UAB

Aprenentatge Servei (Learning Service, or ApS) is an educational proposal where students learn by taking part in projects that address real needs in their community, improving the living conditions of others or the quality of the environment. ApS is committed to improving its surroundings by promoting social responsibility in universities. Through ApS, students commit to an experience that includes learning in line with their academic curriculum, the development of personal skills and real service to a potentially sustainable community.

Through ApS, we identify a social, environmental or cultural need and we intervene to address it. We then take part in a reflection process that connects the experience with theoretical knowledge, raising student awareness about their position in a social setting.

The following table shows the criteria for accepting an activity as ApS, as well as a series of indictors that allow us to evaluate the activity qualitatively:

  Students Community Project


  • Contribution to the community
  • Become aware of how to benefit the community
  • Obtain evidence of learning skills included in the curriculum
  • Show evidence of a reflective process
  • Participate in adjusting the intervention into the LS frame
  • Take place as part of non-profit activites
  • Adresses a real, recognized need
  • Is aimed at improving the community
  • There is evidence of the impact of community service
Added Value
  • Help detect needs
  • Help design the intervention
  • Student chooses ApS from among other options
  • Actively involves members of the community
  • Is sustainable beyond students' interventions
  • Is explicitly recognized by the community
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