Research: the SL innovation group

This project seeks to promote initiatives for educational innovation in different bachelor’s and master’s programs in a wide range of fields through projects that promote social responsibility, such as Learning and Service (Aprenentatge i Servei, or ApS) projects. These projects promote social responsibility at the university, encouraging students to get involved in projects that put the skills learned in a course to use addressing the real needs of a community institution or organization.

We suggest three main goals for developing a project:

  1. A shared framework. Defining ApS projects and establishing a series of quality criteria.
  2. Create a catalogue of campus ApS projects to encourage professors to create their own.
  3. Implement ApS projects in team members’ courses and share the results though participation in seminars and congresses, and by providing training.

We expect this will allow for the creation of a common framework on quality ApS projects, the implementation of these projects in different areas of the campus, and the creation of a catalogue of examples that makes results visible and promotes further social responsibility projects in the university and the community.

The group consists of:



Anna Gil-Bardají Faculty of Translating and Interpreting
Anna Soler Membrives Faculty of Biosciences
Joan Estrada Aguilar Faculty of Education
José Luis Lalueza Sazatornil Faculty of Psychology
Mar Morón Velasco Faculty of Education
Maria Mercè (Mequè) Edo Basté Faculty of Education
Mariela Patricia Aguayo Gonzalez Faculty of Medicine
Mireia Esparza Pagès Faculty of Biosciences
Paloma Valdivia Vizarreta Faculty of Education
Roser Nadal Alemany Facuty of Psychology
Silvia Blanch Gelabert Faculty of Education
Tomas Peire Fernández Faculty of Education

Establish a UAB definition of ApS projectsThe general objective of this project is to implement ApS projects in different bachelor’s programs and areas of knowledge on the UAB campus. To do so, we have established a series of specific goals, listed below. The first two help support the activity of the UAB’s ApS Commission:

    1. Definition of ApS projects
    2. Establish a series of criteria for evaluating the quality of ApS projects
  1. Create an archive of virtual examples of campus ApS initiatives
    1. Detect UAB initiatives that are eligible to be considered ApS projects
    2. Create a virtual space to post examples from different areas
  2. Implement ApS projects in courses from different bachelor’s programs and fields of knowledge
    1. Design projects with support from group colleagues
    2. Implement them
    3. Share the results and encourage additional projects
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